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Zach Bitter

Zach Bitter steady and focused on breaking the American 100 Mile Record & 12 Hour World Record.

My Vespa/OFM journey began in late 2011. After seeing my first bit of ultra running success using VESPA but following a traditional high carbohydrate / low fat diet, I was seeing discouraging signs in recovery, sleep, and energy levels. I found myself waking up multiple times throughout the night to use the bathroom, having trouble staying asleep, and not falling into a deep quality level of sleep. I found that I would get really tired in the afternoon, and at times, had to either bail on workouts or simply “grind” through them. These trends greatly affected how quick I was able to recover from large training blocks and racing.

I needed a change. I knew I didn’t want to stop training and racing, so I looked towards nutrition. I ultimately turned to OFM and VESPA to revamp my training, racing, and recovery. I’ve always been a self experimenter; not being afraid to try new things and nutritional approaches. OFM/VESPA were strikingly different than anything I had tried before. I quickly began to see results in sleep and recovery. It wasn’t long before the improvements in performance followed. I went on to win and set a course record at the Mad City 50k and win the Ice Age 50 mile in 2012. I was also able to toe the line of my first 100 mile race at Western States.

With the new found ability to rely on fat as my primary fuel source, and not have to juggle large amounts of carbohydrate, I was able to remain steady and focused throughout races. No longer having to worry about bonking or “gel overload”

My early success began to snowball in late 2013 and 2014. I was able to achieve the 2013 North American Ultra Performance of the Year with a 100 mile American Record and 12 Hour World Record at Desert Solstice Track Invitational. This came at the heels of running a 5:12:36 at the Chicago Lakefront 50 mile; a time that hadn’t been achieved in over three decades in North America. 2014 started strong with an American Record at the 200 kilometer distance, and a win at the USATF 100k Road National Championships.

As I have become more fat adapted, and more dialed into the OFM program, I have been able to find the proper macronutrient ranges that work for me. I have also learned to focus on nutrients over calories. This strategy has allowed my body to operate in sink; allowing my recovery and health to reach new levels.