How does the most expensive nutritional supplement on the shelf actually turn out to be the best value? Don’t take our word for it, just ask any VESPA athlete! VESPA athletes consider VESPA a fantastic VALUE, one they won’t race or train without, however, unless an athlete has had the “VESPA Experience” he/she cannot see the VALUE packed in each pouch of VESPA.

On the shelf VESPA seems ridiculously expensive, however, VESPA, especially when combined with it’s OFM program, actually provides un-paralled VALUE and economy. While VESPA users understand this, prospective VESPA users are often scared away by the purchase price.

So just where is the VALUE? . . .

  • Unique effective product: As any VESPA user will tell you VESPA is a one of a kind product. That is our first goal; to provide a product that works like nothing else on the market at an accessible price. Steady natural energy, mental focus/clarity and remarkable recovery, that’s the core VESPA VALUE.
  • VESPA is made from naturally-occurring, minimally processed insect products (Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Wasp Extract): By their very nature these ingredients cost exponentially more than inexpensive bulk ingredients like carbohydrate sources (i.e. maltodextrin, brown rice syrup, agave nectar, etc.), synthesized amino acids, whey proteins, caffeine, vitamin complexes etc. This makes VESPA very expensive to produce when compared to traditional sports supplements so athletes NOT familiar with VESPA have no frame of reference other than gels, energy drinks, bars and chews made from relatively inexpensive ingredients, thus, VESPA seems ridiculously expensive.
  • Streamlined Operations & Distribution: VESPA is available directly through our Retail partners and, if one is not in your area, through online purchase at the VESPA website. Most online orders are fulfilled within hours of their placement and delivered within 3 -4 days. VESPA’s basic approach is to operate a sustainably profitable business over the long term through low overhead, investment in sustainable product production and efficient operation.
  • Research and Development: VESPA’s cutting edge/paradigm-shifting approach (“fat is your fuel”) means we are constantly researching the scientific literature, talking to researchers and athletes, participating in studies and performing field testing on athletes of all ages and abilities to develop and deliver the information you need to get the most out of every pouch of VESPA. One outgrowth of this investment in R&D is the OFM program.
  • Information: VESPA provides a wealth of information and resources both directly and indirectly related to VESPA use. Because there is so much to know and because science and our understanding of human physiology are constantly changing this is an on-going endeavor. (hyper-links to resource & information pages on website).
  • Customer service: Ask any VESPA customer about our personalized customer service. Because we understand the complexities of individual variation we strive to provide real customer service and not customer lip service so each customer has the tools to achieve their goals using VESPA.
  • When combined with the OFM program the cost of VESPA actually makes the overall food & supplement cost significantly less!

VESPA VALUE is also what YOU don’t end up paying for:

  • By NOT pursuing these common avenues of the supplement business model VESPA saves YOU money!
  • VESPA does NOT use any intermediate distribution channels or multi-level marketing (MLM) as there is simply not enough profit margin at its suggested retail price. VESPA distributes direct to Specialty Retailers or directly to you when ordering online.
  • VESPA does NOT have highly paid sponsorship deals with individual athletes or sports teams to help promote VESPA. VESPA athletes use VESPA because it works!
  • VESPA does NOT pursue advertising/marketing in mainstream sports publications, websites or events.
  • VESPA does not blanket sample at sports events.
  • VESPA is NOT a highly leveraged company that is paying large dividends or interest to investors nor do we have any intention of building the company to sell or take public. VESPA does not have Venture Capital Funding and has “NO EXIT STRATEGY”. Ultimately return on investment is a cost that is factored into the cost of product and retail price.
  • Finally, VESPA athletes are able to reduce their consumption, thus cost, of other supplements (gels, sports drinks, bars, chews, etc.) and find these products actually work much more effectively and without intestinal/gastric issues commonly seen when consumed in large quantities during competition or training.