VESPA / OFM History/Timeline - VESPA

VESPA / OFM History/Timeline

Key Moments In VESPA History

January 28

Comparative Study of the Composition of Hornet Saliva, its effect on behavior and role of Trophallaxis Copy

Published by Takahashi Abe et. Al. This publication yields insights into the waspextract peptide and its physiology.
April 11

Yasunori Kawahara develops VESPA sport supplement.

February 16

Sales commence in 1994 on small scale in Japan for all sports.

May 15

VESPA becomes available in Canada & US. Sales & Marketing efforts begin with focus on Ice Hockey & Figure Skating

September 24

Naoko Takahashi WINS Marathon Gold Medal at 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia

September 30

Naoko Takahashi WINS Berlin Marathon & sets Women’s World Record/1st Woman to break 2:20

February 24

VESPA athletes dominate their sports at the Winter Olympics

Canadian National Team WINS GOLD Medal in Ice Hockey & Alexei Yagudin WINS Gold Medal in Figure Skating. Alexei went on to win EVERY competition he entered during the 2000 season.
August 22

Mizuki Noguchi WINS Marathon Gold Medal at 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece

January 5

Kawahara Co., Ltd. Upgrades facility to aseptic foil/poly pouch packaging technology & introduces VESPA Junior to market.

May 23

Peter Defty introduced to VESPA

Runs 2006 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, his first 100 Mile Race, finishing 43rd, one of only 53 runners to go under 24 hours during the hottest conditions in race history. Peter had no issues and is convinced VESPA played a key role.
January 1

Peter Defty joins VESPA as a partner and North American GM to revive flagging sales. Focus shifts to endurance market.

Vespa is launched into the ultra-endurance market where the benefits are clear and measurable. At this time, critics roundly dismiss Vespa and its "Fat is your fuel" approach despite winning races and Personal Bests by athletes using Vespa. OFM is born out of Vespa's commitment to supporting its users to consistently attain the game-changing results of Vespa.
August 24

Sammy Wanjiru WINS Men’s Marathon Gold Medal in Beijing, China

June 27

Tsuyoshi Kaburaki 2nd Overall at Western States 100, WINS Masters Title and sets new Master’s Course Record.

April 24

Steven Phinney & Peter Defty meet & begin loose collaboration to develop fat adapted sports performance.

Peter becomes one of the proof readers/ editors/ reviewers for “The Art and Science of Carbohydrate Living” by Phinney & Volek.
August 28

Zach Gingerich WINS Badwater 135. Duncan Callahan WINS Leadville Trail 100 Mile

May 28

“The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living” is self-published and grows organically through viral social media.

Phinney & Volek begin writing “The Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance” to include VESPA, OFM, Peter in the athlete profiles.
April 14

The Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance publishes giving science based credibility to the “fat as fuel” performance approach

Vespa / OFM athletes are some of the fat adapted athletes profiles in "The Art & Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance"
June 23

A VESPA / OFM Athlete WINS Western States 100 & shatters Course Record.

Phinney & Volek collect data on WS Runners. This data leads to the creation of the FASTER Study (Volek
May 13

Jon Olsen & Mami Kudo WIN the 24 Hour World Championships in the Netherlands both powered by VESPA

May 28

FASTER Study planning/design/athlete recruitment begins.

Peter Defty helps in design & athlete recruitment. Data collection commences.
December 14

The American 100 Mile Record is broken twice within 5 weeks first by Jon Olsen then by Zach Bitter who also sets a 12 Hour World Record

January 3

Data Collection for FASTER Study through June. Fall, Jeff Volek begins presenting data at various conferences.

June 18

Nikki Kimball WINS Marathon des Sables, Jenny Capel WINS San Diego 100M, Roxanne Woodhouse WINS Tahoe Rim Trail 100M

December 16

Ultrarunning Magazine publishes “The Emerging Science of Fat Adaptation” online. The article goes viral.

February 10

Fat adaption gains traction as more athletes adopt OFM to win races, set Course Records and Personal Bests despite a lack of “science”

July 27

Romain Bardet wins Stage 18 of the Tour de France, finishes 9th in the GC & is awarded the Most Combative Jersey

Stage 18 FINISH
November 2

The first paper out of FASTER “Metabolic characteristics of keto-adapted ultra-endurance runners” publishes online

December 10

Zach Bitter shaves 8 minutes off his American 100 Mile Record

December 31

Pro Triathlete, Amanda Stevens, has the best season of her career with Podium finishes at IM Brazil, Cour ‘d Alene & Arizona with a PR!

August 23

Romain Bardet finishes 2nd Overall in the GC and WINS Stage 19 at the Tour de France

September 12

Roxanne Woodhouse at 53 years of age WINS Tahoe Rim Trail 100M in July and 7 weeks later WINS the Tahoe 200M

September 17

Jeff Browning makes the switch and immediately proceeds to WIN the HURT 100M & Free State 100K including a CR.

Jeff Browning WS 2016 UR He then proceeds to  Finish 3rd Overall at Western States 100, less than 3 weeks later 4th at Hardrock 100, and 7 weeks later 4th at Run Rabbit Run 100M
October 16

Calum Neff sets Marathon Jog Stroller World Record

calum-neff Pushing his 4 year old daughter, Alessandra, Calum runs a 2:31:25 Marathon to break the Jog Stroller World Record!
October 23

Sammy Achterberg Wins Female Triathle World Championship

October 29

Zach Bitter Wins Javelina Jundred 100 Mile & Sets Course Record in 13:30:39

November 20

Martial Artists excel using Vespa/OFM

lathrop-tournament-2016 In her first couple of Brazilian Jui-JitsuTournaments using Vespa and OFM Lindsey Boston Wins her Age Group and is 2nd Overall at one and, here, Overall Female Tournament Winner at the Lathrop Tournament
November 27

Vespa Powered Japanese Teams Dominate World 100K Championships

Hideaki Yamauchi WINS the Men's World 100K Championship in Los Alcazares, Spain in a time of 6:18:22 leading the Vespa fueled Japanese Team to a 2nd Overall Team finish! The Japanese Women's Team ran as a team to dominate & win the Team title finishing 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th!
December 7

Inaki de la Parra WINS the Ultraman World Championship Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii