Do I have to do the OFM diet to obtain the benefits of using VESPA?

No, most athletes should realize subtle yet significant benefits from using VESPA without making any changes to their diet or training. Many elite athletes who have won competitions at the highest levels used VESPA on a conventional diet and fueling protocols.  The key is to recognize the subtle benefits or “What you notice is what you don’t notice”…..that is the ups and downs in energy levels and focus along with significantly improved recovery. Many conventional athletes will see their caloric intake also drop significantly and that when they do ingest calories they work better.

Can I use the VESPA CV-25 or Ultra-Concentrate even though I weigh less than 165 pounds (75Kg)?

The choice to do so is up to the athlete as VESPA does not endorse anything of this nature. This being said, athletes weighing less than 165# / 75Kg report they do very well by moving up to CV-25 and/or VESPA Ultra-Concentrate.

If I have a pouch of VESPA that has a “Best Before” date which has passed before I use it is it still safe to use?

Yes, the packaging technology used in VESPA preserves the products for years after the “Best Before” date has passed as long as the pouches are properly stored.

If am allergic to bee/wasp stings can I use VESPA?

The “Legal” answer is if anyone is allergic to bee/wasp stings or products we advise against using VESPA, however, in the interest of Full Disclosure we add that there has never been anyone use VESPA who has suffered a severe allergic reaction to the product and we know of several athletes who are highly allergic to bee/wasp stings who use the product with no negative effects and only the typical benefits. It is the athlete’s choice to use VESPA and use it prudently for his/her sport.

VESPA CV-25 & Ultra-Concentrate contain only 18 calories and the VESPA Junior 31 calories, how can this possibly work?

The calories are your onboard fat calories in circulation and stored in your adipose tissue (fat). VESPA is the catalyst to tap into YOUR unlimited energy!

Can VESPA be used as a weight loss product?

VESPA is not sold or recommended to be used solely as a weight loss product. This being said, athletes using VESPA, particularly those who adopt the OFM program typically do see fat & water weight loss as an indirect result of using VESPA.

I find the taste of VESPA CV-25 and Ultra-Concentrate objectionable, what can I do to enhance the flavor? 

Some athlete find the taste objectionable. The first thing to do is try it chilled cold but not frozen. In many cases this makes the product palatable. If you still find the taste off-putting then we suggest mixing it with juice, sports drink or other beverage the athlete does enjoy.

Is Hornet Juice & VAAM the same as VESPA? Their website appears to be offering the same product and benefits at a much lower cost, what gives?

Hornet Juice and VAAM are NOT the same as VESPA. VESPA contains naturally-occurring, minimally process insect products (Honey, Propolis, Royal Jelly and the Wasp Extract peptide). By their “nature” the ingredients that go into making VESPA cost multiples what the synthesized amino acids and artificial sweeteners cost.  VESPA’s key ingredient, the Wasp Extract Peptide is VERY different from the amino acid blend of Hornet Juice or VAAM. These products essentially were developed by hydrolyzing the wasp extract peptide and, by doing so, figure out the amino acid profile to make a blend of synthesized  amino acids which mimic the amino acid profile of VESPA. It is your body, you decide.