Stephanie Holbrook - VESPA

Stephanie Holbrook

Married (21 years)

Two Sons; 16 & 20

Personal Trainer, Every Body Fitness, LLC

Chek Exercise Coach, Superhuman Coach

ACE and NCSF Personal Trainer

My endurance sports career began in 2003. I heard about a charity endurance program and joined. I was overjoyed and I swear it felt like love at first sight when I completed my first training run. After my first charity training, I hired a coach and continued swimming, biking and running…I was determined to doing whatever I needed to get faster and leaner. I am a certified personal trainer; naturally, I felt like I knew what I was doing. I had all the right things started, I trained with a coach, ate the typical diet of a high carbohydrate, low fat diet that is typical for endurance athletes, with a few intermittent times of being a vegetarian.

Unfortunately, that program didn’t seem to do the trick for me. In fact, it seemed to do the exact opposite for me. Instead of getting faster, I became slower, fatter and injured. Then I was talking with a friend who referred me to a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) to run a full hormone panel and saliva test. Apparently, I was suffering from full adrenal fatigue. Even though I had years of endurance experience under my belt, I found out that my stressful job combined with the prior years of improper nutrition and training had taken a toll on my body. I can attest that adrenal fatigue is something you really never want to experience. I took the advice of my ND, I retired my running shoes and started searching for the answer that would work for people like me, people who doing “all the right things” and not getting the results they wanted.

standing SUCCESS Oct 2014 I knew what I was doing wasn’t working for me, so I set out to find some answers.  I joined Ben Greenfield’s Superhuman Coach program, completed the C.H.E.K. Institute’s Holistic Lifestyle Course, and searched out solutions to my problem.  I even started my own podcast, because I wanted to interview experts in the field to get the answers to questions that mainstream nutritional experts were not able to answer.  I had switched to a low carbohydrate diet a couple of years ago, my hormone panel improved.  I felt better but I never got the amazing results that had been touted by using a low carbohydrate diet.  Then I interviewed Jimmy Moore and Peter Defty for my podcast.  Both had pointed out that too much protein can also keep you out of ketosis.  I lowered my protein and everything started to fall into place.  My body fat dropped 14% body fat and I have lost 13 pounds in the last three months since implementing the Optimizing Fat Potential Program.  Even better news is that my cycling has improved tremendously.  I climb hills better than I ever have.

At my lowest point, I felt like I would never be able to do endurance sports again.  My low fat, vegan diet left me a mess.  I was chronically injured and chronically fatigued.  Now, since I have implemented the OFM program I feel better than I think I ever have in my life.  My new training nutrition is VESPA and Snickers, not only do I feel great, they are pretty tasty too.  Plus, I don’t have to consume nearly as much.  I like using my fat as fuel.  I’m excited about my training now, my recovery is great.  I have my sights on returning to the Silver Rush 50 Ultra marathon in 2016.  It was the last race I attempted with my old diet and training program and missed the half way cut off time and got a DNF.  I look forward to the opportunity to returning to Leadville as the new me using the OFM program and VESPA.