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Roxanne Woodhouse

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARoxanne Woodhouse – Age 51
Profession: Small Business Owner
Married: 1 boy, 28, 2 girls 24 & 18 , 3 dogs
Home: Weaverville, CA

Last summer I gave VESPA serious consideration because the conventional carbohydrate-centric approach was NOT working and I was experiencing a lot of bonking and serious enough intestinal issues that had me running for the bushes instead of running my races! VESPA and their OFM program has changed all that! I am proud to say at the age of 50 I not only won the Women’s 2013 Pacific Association USATF Ultra Grand Prix  but at the Dick Collins Firetrails 50 Miler I WON the Female title, ran the third fastest female time in the history of the race, and set new Female Masters & Seniors CR’s! This year, at 51, I WON the Female title at the 2014 Tahoe Rim Trail 100 Mile in spite of the fact I was grossly undertrained. At mile 93 I passed the leader (a conventionally fueled athlete) and never looked back. In only 7 miles I was able to generate a 25 minute gap between myself and the second place female!

I no longer bonk, get sick and my recovery is 180 degrees from what it used to be. If you are looking to take your performance to another level VESPA will get you there.”