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Reducing / Mitigating RF, EMF & ELF Radiation Exposure

We live in a wired world, one where we are constantly exposed to RF (Radio Frequency), EMF (Electromagnetic  Field),  and ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) radiations. Because these forms of radiation do not cause acute symptoms in most people they are thought of as relatively safe. Couple this with the tremendous convenience the technologies which emit them provide we tend to ignore these as benign. Far from it!

Over the past several decades, however, emerging research  has suggested the negative impacts on health are much more than what we have been led to believe. The athlete does not escape these impacts. Recent research studies suggest EMF radiation from cell phones disrupts healthy red blood cell formation and can actually cause these distorted red blood cells to aggregate. Such distortion and aggregation will have negative effects on athletic performance not to mention their impacts on long-term health.

For most of us it would be extremely difficult to eliminate these technologies from our lives. Because OFM seeks to find easily achievable strategies at every level the goal here is mitigation NOT elimination! Here are several easy steps you can take to easily mitigate RF, EMF & ELF radiation in your daily life.

  • Turn off your internet wireless devices (including modem & router) and cell phone at night while sleeping……you are not going to use it nor need it anyway!
  • Turn off all devices lights etc. in your bedroom during the night to minimize exposure and maximize restful deep sleep.
  • If you can opt out of a “Smart Meter” do so.
  • Use a wired headset for your cell phone instead of holding it to your ear or using a Bluetooth device.
  • Ideally, prior to competition or training avoid close contact and use of your cell phone. Give people emergency contacts so, in case of an emergency, you can be contacted.
  • If you have to have your cell phone with you keep it on airplane mode or off during training and competition including from the time you go to sleep until after the competition. If this is not possible allow at least a 2 hour window away from cell phones and wireless devices so your red blood cells can normalize.
  • Remember to step away from the microwave oven when heating something.