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OFM becomes an integral part of the athletes lifestyle and achieving it is easier than it seems because the profound physiological shift drives the change. It is no accident OFM athletes notice a change in their ability to focus, perform and maintain an even keel of emotional stability. The “Zone” becomes the norm both in their training/competition and their daily lives. Like Intermittent Fasting, once an athlete has made the physiological shift to burning fat as fuel and uses VESPA to optimize fat metabolism they become “blood sugar stable”.

The first thing an athlete considering the switch needs to do is this: RELAX. This does not mean complacency but a lack of conscious hyper vigilance and perfection. OFM is all about life and a lifestyle and not a controlled experiment. It is not about perfection and worrying about whether every bite of food you consume is organic, free range, humanely and environmentally raised. You get the picture….these sorts of hyper-conscious efforts at perfection trigger an unnecessary stress response which, naturally, tends the body towards sugar use over fat.

The sub-conscious mind has the capacity to function on a hundred-fold higher level over the conscious mind. So while making changes requires more conscious thought the goal of OFM application is to segue into a habit requiring no conscious thought.

As you consider the OFM Lifestyle we strongly recommend you educate yourself and understand the basic physiology, variables, etc. so you are prepared and committed to go the distance. If you are a healthy athlete without an underlying condition OFM should work for you, however, how each person achieves their personal OFM goal is highly individualized.

OFM Lifestyle incorporates many aspects of the OFM Pyramid in with lifestyle outside of training and competition for a balanced state which allows for optimum performance and health.