Julie Ann Ulery - VESPA

Julie Ann Ulery

PR Disney Marathon 2015

Name: Julie Ulery

Age: 33

Occupation: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Married, 3 year-old son

Home: Franklin, Tennessee


 I’ve been running for over 18 years, but I mostly ran for my own personal benefit and only raced occasionally. In 2014 I ran the Walt Disney World Marathon with the intention of running a post-baby marathon, qualifying for Boston for the 5th time and hanging up my racing shoes. Instead, I got the competitive spirit, decided I could do better and wanted to run my first 50K and break 3 hours in the marathon.

I would go on to run 3 more marathons and my 1st 50K that year, however every race I was plagued with GI issues that caused me to end up falling short of where I wanted to finish. By pure chance, I came across Peter Duffy and VESPA. I was intrigued by the science behind OFM and VESPA and adopted a diet higher in fat and lower in carbohydrates. Fasting-state medium to long-distance training runs have become part of my routine.


The true test came about a month after I adopted OFM at the very place where I Julie Ulery Disney cropped
decided I was on a mission to be better. 2015 Walt
Disney World Marathon I was powered by OFM and VESPA and my dreams became a reality. Not only did I finish under 3 hours in 2:58:49, taking 5th female, but I had consistent splits for the entire race. Something I have never managed in a race longer than a half.

Honestly, I felt fantastic. No bonking, crashing or GI issues and I took minimal sources of carbohydrates. Using VESPA I took over 22 minutes off my marathon time from 2014 to 2015. I am looking forward to being powered by OFM and VESPA, improving my marathon and 50K times and tackling my first 50 miler later this year.