Joanna E. Cain - VESPA

Joanna E. Cain

Age: 46

Profession: Healthcare Consultant

Home: Atlanta, GA

As a competitive marathon swimmer, I have relied in the past on gel packs and blocks, as well as carbohydrate drinks, to help me stay fueled during long training and competitive swims (3-8 hours). A swimmer friend turned me onto Vespa in early 2014, and the product radically improved my performance. I now call my swim training “Vespa Smart” for several reasons:

Hawaii ocean swim 9-08

1. I no longer spend a significant amount of wasted time consuming calories during long swims. I take 1 Vespa before every training session and competitive event, and then 1-3 more depending on the length of the swim. I am no longer stopping every 15-30 minutes to fuel.

2. My blood sugar remains stable, thus I’m able to keep pushing ahead. And since my blood sugar is stable, my mind doesn’t get foggy, which can be a hazard when swimming in open water.

3. My recovery time is much faster; therefore, I’m able to train harder. I’m definitely seeing positive results due to the tougher training regimen coupled with quicker recovery periods.

I will be taking Vespa with me to England in 2015 when I attempt to swim the English Channel for
a second time. I wish I had known about Vespa prior to my first attempt in 2013. As I continue to pursue the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming (English Channel, Catalina Channel, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim), Vespa will be with me every stroke of the way.