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Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy running kilt croppedComing from a former fat boy perspective, I didn’t see myself as being overweight. But looking back, the pictures say otherwise. Weighing in at 205 pounds on a 5’5 frame was not easy, but I just thought I was buff. Then somewhere along those lines I had a physical done, and my numbers did not look good at all, and I set out to change that.

I was teaching 5-7 martial arts classes a day, 5 days a week which is no easy feat, it was my body knew how to do the least amount or effort to get a small desired amount of results. In other words I was lazy. By the time my later and more advanced classes came around at the end of the day I had nothing left for them.

So, I started running, exercising and trying to eat a lil better and I was able to drop 20 pounds without too much of a problem. So here I am at 185 pounds and feeling great, (or at least I thought I was.) but I would get really fatigued, and my eating would suffer. Because I was still a high carb low fat eating, I made my portions of what I ate smaller, and wiser (I thought). And I dropped 5 to 10 pounds more, but I found this very hard to maintain. It was too much like work (there’s that lazy thing again)

So I was running doing distances of 5k to 50ks, doing obstacle course races of all shapes and sizes. Still teaching martial arts, and finally after talking to a friend of mine about the high fat diet, I was like sure I’ll give it a try, because I was told I could have bacon again!!

Right before this transition I was back up to 185ish…I switched over to an OFM diet in less then 3 months I was down to just under 150 pounds!! I had heard how “VESPA” would help my body metabolize my fat a lot better and was a key part of the OFM program. I thought I would give it  a  try. Did it help? Yes, but not so much on what I felt, but it was what I didn’t feel. No cloudy mind when giving talks or teaching martial arts classes, then I noticed that wasn’t getting as sore from the high intensity boot camp training classes I taught! It was like an extra healing factor, where before I would limp for days to a week, the soreness was literally gone in just a couple of days!

I then began to notice the benefits of VESPA and OFM for my martial arts training. I was/am faster on the take-off when it comes to sparring matches, and my technique  stays razor sharp even after hours of classes, sparring and high intensity training without getting sloppy due to normal fatigue. It really is amazing!

fat to fit pics


This way of living has really changed my life for the better, and I cannot talk about it enough.