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Jean Pommier

Jean PommierJean Pommier – Age 50
Profession: Chief Technology Officer
Married, 3 boys
Home: Cupertino, CA
I’ve started running ultras 8 years ago and ran 100 ultra races since. Initially, I worked hard to follow the basic “ultra math” consisting in keeping the calorie intake in check with the calories spent. But that’s hard on the stomach and led to inconsistent and some painful results.

A few years ago when I started using Vespa consistently in races, I was amazed at how my “ultra life” improved: PRs, course records, overall wins or podiums and, more importantly, much enjoyable running experiences which is the number 1 priority for my wife. Not to forget the time saved by skipping aid stations and the super fast recovery allowing me to resume training right after racing and doing strong races back to back. Speedy recovery is also important as I often hop on a plane for international business trips just after racing.

Overall, and I call that the “Vespa math” and often talk about it in my race reports on my blog (, I’ve reduced my calorie intake down to 1 for 7 or 8 calories spent, a drastic saving of energy, my body fat kicking in to cover for the rest! For every successful race, I attribute a big part to Vespa!