Diane Cridennda - VESPA

Diane Cridennda

I have been competing in Triathlons since 1983.

For the most part it has been a hobby for me but I have always been passionate about competing and staying fit and always enjoyed the social aspect of training with my buddies.

I balanced family, had a career change at the age of 40 and now have my own Acupuncture practice as well as publishing my research on combing acupuncture with high tech fertility treatments. I travel to teach, and present my research as well. I now have 2 adult children and 3 beautiful grandbabies so my plate is pretty full.

When I turned 60 I told my husband that I wanted to compete in a Half Iron Man (70.3).

He looked at me and said “why”? I told him that I didn’t want to turn into a wimpy old lady.

I now have competed in four of them.

My Traditional Chinese Medicine background and my husband’s Institute for Sustained Health (ISH) program led me to better understand the role nutrition plays in performance. I then discovered Vespa in January of 2014 and since then have become an OFM low carb Triathlete with the help of Peter Defty.

I made lots of changes in my diet (high fat, moderate protein and low carb) and gave up carb loading and all the fueling advice that I had been given for years.

I just completed St George Utah 70.3. It is known for its challenging, hilly, hot tough course. I consulted with Peter for fuel advice for this epic race.

IMG_1877I raced on a relatively empty stomach, just butter, coconut oil, and coffee was my breakfast and one Vespa Jr just before the swim. I took in far less calories than I typically take in, used lots of salt (it was 93 degrees) out there. I have to tell you that even though this course was tough I felt strong and steady. I even remember going through areas on the bike where I would catch of whiff of a wonderful odor that smelled a bit like Jasmine, I took note of the beauty of St George especial the climb up the dreaded Snow Canyon; meaning NO RACE BRAIN! I also have pictures of me SMILING at each transition. For the first time I was able to actually run the whole run instead of suffering through the dreaded “death march”. I placed first in my age group and qualified for Worlds 70.3 in Mt. Tremblant Quebec in September. My next race in Boulder 70.3 and hope to do as well.

When I came across the finish line my husband was amazed, I was NOT wiped out, still had color in my face (which at times can get a bit ashen after one of these races) I didn’t seem to have “race brain” and was actually still “fresh” that is; as fresh as you can be after a more than 6 race Triathlon.

I have gotten so many benefits from this OFM lifestyle that is hard to list. The really dramatic change is that I was 7 pounds below my race weight during the winter when I normally gain weight. I now carry   4-5% less body fat and never denied myself food. I did however track my food every day to ensure that I was on track for my goals for fat, protein and carbs each day. It really paid off.

Thanks to Vespa Power and Peter for all his help and encouragement for the past 6 mos.

Happy training!