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Dale Humphrey

DaleDale Humphrey
Age – 55
Profession – Airport Manager, Ely Mn

In 2009 I was considering giving up on 100 Milers due to stomach issues and had run out of options. Being from Northern Minnesota I am very frugal but I finally broke down and gave VESPA and their OFM program a try. In the last 5 years, I have completed 18 100’s; all without dreading when my stomach would give out. Using VESPA my energy levels are steady, I never get the mental fog and I recover quicker than I ever thought was possible. In 2012, I was able to achieve two of my biggest Ultrarunning goals; completing Western States in under 24 hours and The Grand Slam!

Like a lot of people I initially thought the cost of VESPA was ridiculously high but after several years of using VESPA and their OFM program I am finding I am actually saving money on my food and fuel because I do not consume nearly the volume of food, eat fresh foods which are less costly and consume a minimum of gels and other supplements before during and after my runs and races. Not only has it saved me money and a lot of intestinal distress but VESPA & OFM have dramatically simplified my running nutrition/fueling because I am tapping into my limitless reserves of fat for fuel.