Business Philosophy - VESPA

Business Philosophy

A company is only as good as its people. VESPA’s officers and investors are committed to the long-term. We have no “exit strategy”. Our goal is to provide and support VESPA through a highly efficient business structure which keeps the purchase price of VESPA accessible and provides sustainable profitability. In short, genuine VALUE!

Now you may be thinking, “What are they talking about? VESPA CV-25 costs $6.95 a pouch! These guys have to be making a fortune!”

This could not be further from the truth and here is why:

VESPA is extremely expensive to produce due to the ingredients which are naturally-occurring, minimally processed insect products (honey, propolis, royal Jelly, wasp extract peptide) rather than highly processed carbohydrates, caffeine, B vitamins and/or synthesized amino acids found in gels, supplements and energy drinks. All inexpensive synthetic and/or highly processed.

If you consider for a moment this fundamental difference in ingredient costs you will realize VESPA costs multiples to produce over other products which are perceived as similar. They aren’t. In fact, if we priced VESPA with the same profit margins as sports supplements, gels or energy drinks the suggested retail price for a pouch of CV-25 would be around $40.00/pouch!

So how do we keep the suggested retail where we do then? By being extremely efficient in our operations and, just like VESPA itself, we do things VERY differently compared to the standard supplement business model!

Here is what you are NOT paying for:

  • Product sampling/giveaways at events and other venues
  • Expensive athlete & event sponsorship deals
  • Expensive mainstream sports media buys
  • Venture Capital costs and/or high debt
  • Intermediate distribution and/or MLM commission costs

Here is what you ARE paying for:

  • Uncompromising commitment to using only the naturally occurring wasp extract peptide which has proven to be more effective in the real world of competition, not just in the lab, than synthetic blends of amino acids
  • Uncompromising commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients of known origin.
  • Fastidious adherence to best practices in manufacturing and packaging.
  • Premium packaging to ensure safety and product viability for years.
  • Real product support so you can gain consistent results and improved performance.
  • Continual research and development to improve your VESPA experience.
  • An efficient distribution model of either web-direct or through select specialty retailers and health care professionals who offer VESPA.
  • Targeted Marketing which relies on viral, “word-of-mouth” propagation for leverage and low cost.