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Barry Murray on fat adaptation, keto and conventional nutrition with OFM Host Peter Defty

Barry Murray, a fat adapted athlete and nutritional coach, joins Peter Defty in a conversation on fat adaptation. Long before the rise of “keto” and Fat Adapted Performance Barry was coaching elite athletes on fat adaptation. Barry’s career… Read More

OFM Real Results Roundup, Food Politics Podcast & More!

 Vespa/OFM Athletes continue to lead with consistent winning performance. Here Romain Bardet wins Stage 12 and goes on to 3rd Overall in the GC at the Tour de France. But the winning is not at the elite level……Roxanne… Read More

OFM & EMF with Michael Neuert MA, BSME

Food for Thought: The OFM Podcast continues its exploration of the nexus of humans and technology particularly the downside consequences of our modern “Wired” (and especially wireless) world and how this impacts our health and wellness as well… Read More

New Vespa & OFM Podcast Interviews with Vespa GM Peter Defty


OFM explores RBC Agglutination with Beverly Rubik PhD

In another ground breaking OFM podcast we speak with Beverly Rubik PhD, a pioneer in bioenergetics. Dr. Rubik’s work has taken her down a number of fascinating rabbit holes this time in Red Blood Cell Agglutination…… Technology brings a… Read More

Adele Hite & OFM Host Peter Defty on Food Politics

Join OFM Host Peter Defty with a lively conversation with Adele Hite, one of the Nation’s smartest and most practical nutrition advocates for all people! While long this entertaining conversation discusses in depth many relevant aspects on food,… Read More

Travis Macy & The OFM Transformation

Travis is an internationally acclaimed endurance athlete who has competed in some of the World’s most grueling events. like the Leadville 100 and Eco Challenge Adventure Race etc. Gleaning from the lessons of his career as an endurance… Read More

Carb Wars & Judy Barnes Baker

Podcast Episodes 24 & 25 now up! Episode 24 with Judy Baker, artist, chef and problem solver! Hear how Judy learned about Low Carb and how it has not only transformed the health of her and her husband… Read More

Vespa / OFM Success, Understanding how Cholesterol Really Works

A huge WINNING Weekend January 14/15)  for Vespa / OFM Athletes of all ages and abilities! Tash Fraser WON the Female Title Two Bays 56K Trail Race, was top ten overall and set a new Female Course Record!… Read More

Brazilian Jui-Jitsu OFM style with Lindsey Boston

Since beginning OFM in late summer of 2016 Lindsey Boston has dominated her Brazilian Jui-Jitsu competitions and she credit Vespa and OFM as that critical piece that gave her that consistent edge to put her on top. But… Read More