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Adele Hite & OFM Host Peter Defty on Food Politics

Join OFM Host Peter Defty with a lively conversation with Adele Hite, one of the Nation’s smartest and most practical nutrition advocates for all people! While long this entertaining conversation discusses in depth many relevant aspects on food,… Read More

Travis Macy & The OFM Transformation

Travis is an internationally acclaimed endurance athlete who has competed in some of the World’s most grueling events. like the Leadville 100 and Eco Challenge Adventure Race etc. Gleaning from the lessons of his career as an endurance… Read More

Carb Wars & Judy Barnes Baker

Podcast Episodes 24 & 25 now up! Episode 24 with Judy Baker, artist, chef and problem solver! Hear how Judy learned about Low Carb and how it has not only transformed the health of her and her husband… Read More

Vespa / OFM Success, Understanding how Cholesterol Really Works

A huge WINNING Weekend January 14/15)  for Vespa / OFM Athletes of all ages and abilities! Tash Fraser WON the Female Title Two Bays 56K Trail Race, was top ten overall and set a new Female Course Record!… Read More

Brazilian Jui-Jitsu OFM style with Lindsey Boston

Since beginning OFM in late summer of 2016 Lindsey Boston has dominated her Brazilian Jui-Jitsu competitions and she credit Vespa and OFM as that critical piece that gave her that consistent edge to put her on top. But… Read More

OFM on Estrogen, Xenoestrogen, Phytoestrogen and Hormonal Balance with Wendy Sellens

Be prepared for another mind-blowing podcast that will challenge what you may thought you know about hormones, breast cancer and SO much more! OFM continues to shatter myths and break new ground with Wendy Sellens, Chinese Medicine Doctor… Read More

Ketogenic Athlete Podcast Interview with Vespa / OFM GM, Peter Defty

Here is an OFM Interview with Peter Defty with Ketogenic Athlete hosts Brian Williamson & Danny Vega that is getting great reviews. This is a good one to share with curious friends who have not yet made the… Read More

HRV & OFM: Insights into OFM from HRV Specialist Alessandro Ferretti

Join Doc Edwards and Food for Thought Host, Peter Defty,  for a fascinating  conversation with U.K. based HRV Specialist, Alessandro Ferretti, for a lively and indepth interview on the emerging data on HRV as it applies to OFM… Read More

OFM & Aging

So many athletes, especially females, have referred to the OFM Protocol as a “Reverse-Aging” Program we decided to have a Podcast on why! Join Peter, Naomi and our regular Guest STAR!, Kaayla Daniel PhD to discuss why getting… Read More

Real World OFM Performance you can relate to!

A conversation the audience can relate to about how OFM allows Lisa to perform better in all aspects of her life! Come listen to how this Mum, Wife, Primary School Teacher and Elite Masters Track athlete is able… Read More