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Bob Bastiaans

0354_31519Bob Bastiaans
Age – 66
Profession – Private Wealth Advisor
Home: Parker, Colorado

In December of 2007 at the age of 59, and at 240 lbs, I competed in my first Sprint distance triathlon. It wasn’t pretty. However, I decided that triathlons were perfect for me because of the cross training, and I wanted to be physically and mentally healthier in my 60’s, 70’s & 80’s+ than I had been in my 30’s, 40’s & 50’s. I am not a DNA gifted athlete so I don’t worry about the podium finish. I have three goals: improve my over-all fitness preparing for each race, finish every race I start, and help to raise funds for our wounded armed forces heroes.

Since that first race, I have competed in 15+ Sprint & Olympic TRIs, 10 Half Ironman and 5 Ironman distance triathlons. After losing 45 to 50 lbs since 2007 I hit a plateau in weight loss, and it was recommended to me to begin using Vespa and change to a low-carb fat adaptive diet.

For my first big event after making this change I found that I only needed my normal nutrition drink and Vespa CV-25 and VESPA Junior at the 2014 Ironman Los Cabos. I did not have the stomach issues or low energy levels at this race that I have frequently experienced during other Ironman races.

As I continue with my Ironman training I have discovered that my energy reserves have increased exponentially, and that my recovery is much faster than ever before. 0477_10719

Even after a 60 to a 100 mile training ride focused on hill work, I do not collapse – the day can continue with work around the house or a round of golf. As I understand it, VESPA helps me metabolize my fat to provide the energy I need for this endurance training. As an extra bonus, I have realized a sizeable financial savings because I am no longer purchasing and consuming proteins bars or energy snacks. I know that with VESPA and the low carb diet I can achieve my goals for weight-loss, fitness and finishing each race.