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Andre Obradovic

Andre Kanga sign (2)I had been addicted to carbohydrates for all my running career 11+ years as a Marathon Runner I was totally sucked into the whole marketing spin of high sugar energy drinks, gels and carbohydrate loading before races. I was running 70kms a week and I was still Fat and always starving. Treatments for injuries were costing me heaps. Today my life has totally changed and I am free from the stress of food and the total obsession I had with what was I going to eat. I am a fat adapted runner, in fact no I am an aged athlete who is about to make the switch to Triathlon all by being using an Optimised Fat Metabolisim approach (OFM). After hearing Dr Stephen Phinney speak at an event and then learning about Peter Defty and his VESPA OFM approach I commenced my transformation within 3 months I was adapted, and now after 7 months I feel amazing, the VESPA OFM approach is so simple, so smart and just plain common sense.   I wanted to run faster and improve my Marathon Running, I wanted to get my abdominal muscles back, and lastly I didn’t want to be so obsessed by having to eat every 3 hrs it was driving the family and I crazy. You could also say I was shitting myself that if I ever got injured I would turn in to a real fatty as my stupidity lead me to believe that your weight is controlled by lots of exercise. I wanted to be healthy and change my life. I didn’t want to transform my life by doing some FAD thing like a 12 Week Body Transformation or some useless activity like that. I wanted a mechanism for healthy lasting change. I wanted to understand the science and biology about why was I getting fat, injured and starving.  With the help of the VESPA OFM program I have achieved my goals, I am now set for peak performance in all aspects of my life not just endurance but also in business and just being a man. The change has been profound, enlightening, but most of all I have lost 14lbs, I have my abdominal muscles back and I am 50. Training with my running coach, Brian Rabinowitz, has really helped me over several years develop my 34 resting heart rate. In conjunction with the dietary changes a focus on Heart rate training and appropriate rest and intensity sessions is a key tool to add to be being fat adapted.I am running faster and doing so burning mostly fat for fuel. Just look at the charts!

Old Carb Burner

Jan 2014 Results – Typical of a Carb Burner – Hitting the wall after the Glycogen runs out


May 2015 – After just 6 months of eating on a HFLC Regime. Totally life changing

Fat burning

Blood Lactate comparison, pink is Jan 2014 /Blue May 2015 no question I am now a fat burner

I could not have done this without VESPA. This is my serious endurance race and training tool. If you would like to read more on my journey please visit my site here. Several of the posts below are specifically about various aspects of this fundamental paradigm-shift which VESPA and the OFM program offer.