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Alexei Yagudin

Alexei 2002 Olympics FinishAlexei Yagudin’s VESPA Story:

VESPA is not just a game-changer for endurance athletes. The same fundamental shift to “fat as fuel” from VESPA benefits athletes competing in sports which require intense bursts of strength combined with razor sharp coordination, focus and motor skills.

In 2002, Alexei Yagudin dominated Men’s Figure Skating winning EVERY competition he entered and enjoyed the most successful, consistent and injury free season of his career! This included the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games where he won convincingly with four judges giving him scores of 6.0 and the other two 5.9 setting a record for the Men’s Figure Skating then going on to win the World Championships in Nagano where he skated to a perfect score of 6 – 6.0 for the Short Program, a feat never done before nor since.

Leading up to the 2002 season Alexei and his coach made some changes to his training regimen…one key change included a VESPA before every training session and competition. The critical shift to “fat as fuel” made him “blood sugar stable” allowing him to execute his moves perfectly over and over during training. Figure skating coaches carefully watch their charges during training. When blood sugar levels begin to drop, even before the athlete perceives fatigue coordination/motor skills are diminished so a coach will have their skater take a break. Alexei was able to skate more, and, more importantly, skate more precisely during training which allowed him to execute with perfection during competition.