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Shake and consume one pouch of VESPA CV-25 or VESPA JR 45 minutes prior to athletic activity. You can consume VESPA with water or your favorite electrolyte drink. It is not recommended VESPA be taken in conjunction with food, drinks or supplements containing amino acids.
Do not consume any food, gels, energy drinks etc. between taking VESPA and beginning your physical activity. The concept here is to begin exercise with a stable blood sugar level to optimize fat metabolism.
It is generally not necessary to consume calories if the activity is less than 2-3 hours (for conditioned athletes), however, if the activity is going ot last beyond 2-3 hours the athlete can begin to consume calories after the first 1-2 hours.
During training and/or races which last longer than 3 hours it is recommended to use VESPA at different intervals of the activity depending upon the workout goal or type of race etc.
Because VESPA is not and electrolyte it is important the athlete continue his/her electrolyte replacement regimen based upon their specific needs and conditions.
While VESPA is not a fuel VESPA acts to increase the body's ability to metabolize fat for muscle metabolism. This conserves glucose thus dramatically reducing the need to ingest food during physical activity. For extra long workouts or races some fueling is necessary though most VESPA users report a significant reduction in the amount of food they need to ingest.
It is recommended any fueling is performed at intervals in between taking VESPA. Another successful strategy employed by some athletes is to keep a small, slow and even uptake of sugars by tucking a pice of hard candy between the cheek and gum or constantly sipping their electrolyte and sugar replacement drink.
In a few cases athletes have had stomach discomfort. In this case take a VESPA with simple, easily digestible carbohydrates like oatmeal.
Shane Doan - Captain of the Phoenix Coyotes
"A pouch of Vespa® CV-25 before every game generates long lasting energy like no other product! Vespa® reduces lactic acid and helps my body recover after every game."  -Shane Doan, Captain of the Phoenix Coyotes

Team Sports:

VESPA is the leading supplement in the ice hockey market. From the Canadian National Team and NHL Super-Stars to the local clubs and youth ice hockey teams VESPA & VESPA JR give players natural sustained energy and by stabilizing glycogen levels maintain their mental clarity and motor skills throughout the game.

Whether you play roller hockey, soccer, basketball, rugby, lacrosse or other team sports where sustained levels of aerobic activity and sharp motor skills (i.e. hand to eye coordination) are necessary one VESPA or VESPA JR 45 minutes before your game will give you the endurance and mental clarity necessary to play your best!


For most marathoners it is recommended that one VESPA is taken 45 minutes prior to the race and another at the half marathon mark. For a half-marathon distance a single VESPA is recommended. Training: For most marathoners one VESPA prior to the workout, especially long runs.

Century Cycling:

Again a VESPA 45 minutes prior to the start with a VESPA every 2-4 hours. This depends upon the intensity of the ride (2 hours if you are riding hard and fast / 4 hours if you are cruising).

Triathalon / Ironman Training:

For most athletes even a “Sprint” Triathalon is an endurance event. For sprint distance a single VESPA 45 minutes prior to the event should be sufficient.

For Olympic distance 1-2 VESPA are recommended depending upon your goal time.

For Half & Full Ironman events a VESPA 45 minutes prior to the start with a VESPA taken every 2-3 hours is recommended.

Ultra Running:

For Ultras VESPA is recommended 45 minutes prior to starting the run with VESPA taken at intervals of 2-4 hours depending upon the intensity, conditions, and the athletes own experience using the product. Fueling should be performed in between taking VESPA or a low constant intake of sugars/carbs. Most ultra distance runners using VESPA have found their fueling needs are lower using VESPA during their runs.

Adventure Racing:

Again a VESPA 45 minute prior to the event with one taken every 3-5 hours depending upon the event, conditions, intensity of athletic performance and availability of aid or drop bags.

Figure Skating, X/C Skiing/Biathlon, Tennis & Dance:

These and other sports require the same athleticism as any other physical endeavor combined with critically high levels of focus,and coordination. A pouch of VESPA 45 minutes prior to a workout or performance will help the athlete remain sharp throughout by keeping glycogen levels stable. For tournaments: depending upon the frequency of each performance, a VESPA 45 minute before the first performance, game or set. If the next performance is more than 2 hours after the first then another pouch again 45 minutes prior to the performance.

Training Guidelines:

VESPA is an excellent training tool for athletes looking to optimize their performance. VESPA is not a silver bullet. It will not replace training, rest, stretching, a diet that works for the athlete, a stable lifestyle, etc. but given these things are in place VESPA will allow the athlete to train harder, allow the body to adapt to the increases in stress better and recover faster.

For training use VESPA sparingly, that is use VESPA at longer time intervals than you would in a race. This helps develop the body’s other mechanisms for increasing fat metabolism. This does not mean eliminating VESPA from your training regime altogether because VESPA’s effect of lowering blood lactates is important toward enhancing recovery.

If you have specific questions please e-mail us and we will suggest some strategies that may work well in your case. Please provide us with as much information on yourself , your goals and your current and planned training regime.