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Get the Natural Advantage

Caren Spore at White River 50M
VESPA athlete Caren Spore at the White River 50M.
Glenn Tachiyama
VESPA uses naturally derived ingredients:
  • wasp extract for the amino acid complex
  • bee propolis and royal jelly for the anti-oxidant/free radical scavenging/anti-viral/anti-bacterial properties
  • honey as a natural sweetener
  • orange juice/citric acid/cider vinegar to balance the flavor

The principle advantage of using natural products in a form as close to their natural state as possible is their high level of bio-availability, that is the body's ability to absorb and utilize the compound for its intended effect.

By having a high bio-availability, the dosage necessary is smaller and actual uptake higher resulting in a lower processing load into waste products by the liver and kidneys.

The downside is cost. Simply put, it is very expensive to procure and handle these natural ingredients which are sourced from several global locations. In fact, if VESPA were priced with the same margin level found in other supplements it would wind up costing many multiples more than its suggested retail price of $5.99!

This is in stark contrast to virtually all of the other amino acid and anti-oxidant products which are synthetically derived ("pharmaceutical grade amino acids") or radically processed from whey protein. Not only are synthetically derived amino-acids not as user-friendly as natural ones but the dosages are multiples higher than VESPA CV-25 and VESPA JR with much of these dosages having to be processed by the liver and kidneys adding to the demands placed upon the body.