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Note: The content for the VESPA site was deliberately written in easy to understand layperson's terms, however, we at VESPA fully recognize many serious athletes are doctors, chemists, biologists, physiologists etc. and are interested in the science behind VESPA. To this end we have posted the science currently available.

The studies are specific to VESPA and VAAM (Vespa Amino Acid Mixture), a synthetically derived version of the all-natural Wasp Extract found in VESPA. These studies have been evaluated by scientists at U.C Davis and found to have several flaws in the experimental design and execution according to the norms of current scientific method. This does not mean VESPA does not have efficacy, rather, this means the efficacy demonstrated in these studies is inconclusive.

Nonetheless, we have posted them because we at VESPA feel these studies do represent a certain level of inference of product efficacy which is far beyond what most nutritional supplements offer today and warrant further investigation. As a part of VESPA's business development plans further scientific investigation is planned in conjunction with a major California University in order to fully understand the mode of action and demonstrate product efficacy.

It is worthy to note that in all studies where VESPA's Wasp Extract was compared to the synthetic VAAM the efficacy was always notably higher.

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