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Randy Vander Tuig

XC-Wheatbelly-picRandy Vander Tuig
Age: 40
Profession: Dairyman
5 children ages 1-9
3000 Cows

VESPA and it’s OFM program have literally been a “game-changer”. I have always been a runner and moved up in the distances from 5K, 10K, ½ Marathon, Marathon, and eventually the ultra distances. I also am an assistant X/C Coach and run with the kids during practice. Three years ago I started to run the 100 mile races and beginning with the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 and completed it in 25H:15M but I would hardly call it a SUCCESS!. I trained and ran on a conventional diet and fueling. Not only was it a sufferfest, I was puking regularly and was a wrecked for weeks.

DSC_0124Two years ago I ran Angeles Crest 100 using VESPA and wound up 5th in 22H:22M but still felt nauseous late in the race and was wiped out at the finish and had to spend a few hours in the medical tent. Oddly, I did notice my recovery was a LOT faster during the week after.

Last year, I started to shift after I was “called-out” for my off-season “Wheatbelly”(see pic) and started cutting way back on the bread, pasta and cereal. I ran Tahoe Rim Trail 100 in 22H:22M for 5th with very little nausea. In preparation for this year’s Angeles Crest I committed to VESPA’s OFM program using VESPA for my long and intense training and really following the OFM dietary protocol. I finished 4th overall in 20H:49M with absolutely no GI issues with maybe 2000 calories consumed during the race. I felt great after finishing (see pic) and on Wednesday I was back running with the X/C Team!”