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VESPAPOWER gives you the power to tap into your virtually limitless energy stores by triggering a natural metabolic shift toward fat as your fuel!

Only VESPA contains a synergistic blend of naturally-occurring "wasp extract," honey, propolis and royal jelly which athletes of all ages and abilities rely upon for steady even energy levels to prevent bonking and intestinal issues, allow quick recovery with minimal muscle soreness and give them that competitive edge. This includes Olympic Gold Medalists and elite endurance athletes.

Often confused with Hornet Juice or VAAM, VESPA is composed of naturally-occurring, minimally processed ingredients and not a blend of artificial sweeteners and synthesized amino acids mimicking the amino acid profile of the wasp extract peptide used in VESPA. VESPA is low in sugar and stimulant free thus safe and healthy for athletes of all ages and abilities.
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Jari Krikland, Winner, 2012 U.S. Cycling 24-Hour MTB Championship Solo female Zach Bitter, Winner, 2012 USATF 50 Mile Championship (Tussey Mountainback 50 Mile) Tsuyoshi Kaburaki, Winner, 2010 North Face 100K Global Challenge, Beijing Michele Santilhano, 2010 Solo Female RAAM (Race Across America) Finisher, 1st Amateur & only one of 3 solo female finishers. Duncan Callahan, Winner, Grand Tetons 50M, 3rd Overall Leadville 100M Zach Gingerich: Winner, 2010 Badwater Ultramarathon,  2010 Arrowhead 135, 2010 Umstead 100 Mile Ethan Passant, Winner, 2010 Colorado Trail Race Brian McCall, Winner, 2010 USA National MTB Championships Cat 3, M 35-39, Granby Colorado Winner, 2010 Mountain States Cup Series Cat 3, M 35-39